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Dome Casino is Located in the classical Dome Hotel, one of the finest Hotels in Cyprus.

Situated in the heart of Kyrenia, the casino has been operating for the last 23 years. The Casino that houses 100 slot-machines, four roulette, four poker and four Black Jack tables, covers an area of 700 square metres. A specialty of the Dome Casino is to enable its visitors to bet simultaneously with the horse and dog races in Britain. While you are playing your game in this luxurious classical casino, you may come across with a little and cute countess! Do not be amazed, this cute thing is a Pekineese. It is Matilda, the lovely dog of Ünsal Bey, the manager of the casino and the mascot.

Ünsal Ecesoy, who has been in the business of  casino management for many years, is an interesting personality. He wants the visitors of the casino to spend an enjoyable time there. He says, “Do not gamble on your chance, pass moments of fun”.

The casino opens its gates at midday and closes at 6.00 a.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, the casino closes at 7.00 a.m. It is possible to play USD$ or Turkish Lira


Kordonboyu Street Dome Casino Mersin-10 Gırne,Kıbrıs Turkey TEL: +90 815 32 25 FAX: +90 392 815 56 75

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